AGB’s security technology is critical in the world’s rapidly evolving landscape. We’ve entered a time in history where technology isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. AGB’s security technology helps with administrative ease, mitigate risk while managing costs. AGB stands prepared and ready to secure in these fragile times through the following three measures:


One of the loudest voices of the security customer is the accountability of the officers on shift.  AGB is challenged with meeting this customer expectation and we’ve coined the phrase “RoBo Management”.  RoBo Management is the ability to manage disparate resources deployed dynamically ensuring that they arrived at the client site on time, remain there for a required shift, and patrol the areas indicated in the Post Orders for the client.  To do this, we use Automated Time, Attendance and Scheduling solution that is GPS tracked by way of a company cellular phone.  Using this technology, we can “geo-fence” the client location ensuring that the officer can only clock in and out from the assigned location.  Additionally, we use electronic patrol monitoring to ensure that the officer patrols the designated areas on the site.  While patrolling the officer can create shift reports and incident reports all made available real-time to the client by way of a private portal.  This is one component of our Security ERP which is a hybrid model using the best of breed technology for the function necessary.  Our Time and Attendance, and Scheduling system ties right into our Computer Aided Dispatch System for additional resource deployment, our Human Resource Information System (HRIS) for human resource management (PTO, Rewards and Discipline) and payroll, and our Accounting systems for exact billing.


Continuing on the same theme of Operations Accountability, AGB has developed Data Science resources that are skilled with extracting data from our “as a service” hosted environments for the purposes of producing business dashboards for executive management, line management, and our customers.  For our executive management, daily activity from human resources to site operations are rolled up and presented to leaders against key performance indicators (KPI) established by our CEO and President.  Line Managers can use daily activity to make adjustments in deployments and to improve site operations to ensure that the posts and patrols stay with the KPI’s expected in real-time.  We developed a custom data repository and consolidated BI system that acts as a authenticated portal for those needing access to information.  The portal is extensible to clients should they desire to see that reporting for their sites is in line with the expectations and KPI’s set during the contract phase.


Because our security currency is bad actors and crime, AGB uses its data scientist to evaluate documented issues from our patrol and any criminal data from the area to baseline our effectiveness to our clients.