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Technology is proliferating the world of work and minorities are severely disenfranchised. AGB Global IT Solutions will be a facilitator in training, providing, and connecting minorities with technology jobs and careers. As an industry leader in delivering next-generation security solutions, AGB will extend its physical security model Architect, Implement, and Manage (A.I.M) expanding from people and property to cover data which encompasses people, process, and tools.   

Our approach will provide end-to-end cyber solutions such as:  

  • Security Consulting through Risk Assessments, 
  • Security Operations Centers (SOC)-As-A-Service, 
  • Digital Security/Information and Networks

Social Engineering, Managed Detection and Response, Penetration Testing, Security Training, and which solves systemic security problems in response to the world’s complex and dynamically changing environment. 

By using quality, reliability and latest technology as the selection criteria of the products we carry, AGB is able to offer superior support and service to our customers. We serve as a single source responsible for your technology needs. We pride ourselves on being your one source, one solution for all of your security needs covering physical security, people security, and data security needs. 

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A physical risk assessment can help determine the correct level of technology and the appropriate processes to implement to mitigate these risks.  

AGB evaluates the natural, technological and manmade threats specific to each in-scope location based on client interviews, open-source intelligence gathering, comprehensive crime statistics, and government data sources. These threats are then placed in the context of your specific situation according to probability, frequency of attacks, and the impact of those attacks, as well as the presence and effectiveness of controls designed to counter them.  

  • Cyber Security Maturity Modeling
  • Risk Assessments
  • Security Training
  • Social Engineering



Through active surveillance and analysis, AGB’s (SOC) uses strategic methodologies and processes to build and maintain our client’s cybersecurity defenses. Our approach is comprehensive and provides:

  • Managed Detection and Response
  • Penetration Testing
  • Security Operations-As-A-Service



  • Integrity and Continuity
    • IT security auditing and compliance
    • IT security best practices, implementation and compliance
    • Disaster recovery/business continuity planning
  • Compliance Consulting
    • Financial Audits
    • Information Systems Audits
    • Investigative Audits
    • Operational Audits


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