Community Policing

Making business districts safer for everyone

AGB Community Policing provides an additional layer of security for businesses and government agencies. Our tactical officers use problem-solving techniques to defuse potentially explosive situations and deter crime within communities. We build relationships within communities and partner with law enforcement agencies to strengthen overall security. By addressing immediate conditions that could lead to disturbances and criminal activity, they keep residents, business owners, and customers safer. AGB currently offers Community Policing services to Special Service Areas (SSA) in the Chicagoland area and beyond.

How Community Policing Works

We assign a team of Tactical Unit Officers (TUO) to patrol a designated area after they have completed a rigorous 14-week training program. Our TUO squads work directly with local law enforcement and businesses, building and maintaining strong relationships with them in the various districts we protect.

We work to decrease crime, loitering, gambling and theft in and around businesses. Our special training in gang activity increases the safety of officers, business owners, and customers in the areas that we secure and patrol.

AGB currently provides Community Policing services to SSA 32, SSA 42, SSA 45, SSA 48 and SSA 51 in the Chicagoland area.

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“AGB has provided professional and outstanding services to the Special Service Area #32 Business District that I manage. . . . The men and women employed by AGB are dedicated to providing the community they serve with respect, professionalism, and support that promotes stability and growth.”

Cheryl Johnson
C. Johnson & Associates

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