Women Leading The Way For The Nation’s Larges Black-Owned Security Firm

In the field of security, AGB is above industry and overall business norms for women. The women of AGB are shattering glass ceilings as top Captain roles within the nation’s largest black-owned security firm are led by women, 60% to be exact, compared to 11% of women in security services. Our executive team is comprised of 50% women. While women are 44% of the overall S&P 500 labor force and 36% of first- or mid-level officials and managers in those companies, they are only 25% of the executive – and senior-level officials and managers. AGB is double the average for women in executive roles! AGB Investigative understands that it is vital to impact businesses, as well as individuals, that might otherwise be overlooked. We believe in empowering and impacting the lives of thousands through job creation, workforce development, scholarships, and life skills.

These women have helped decrease crime in the Chicago Housing Authority by 90% since its contract began. AGB is also the largest Community Policing force protecting local businesses across the Chicagoland area, impacting local economies through ensuring the quality of life and safety of its owners and patrons.

World-class Physical Security Services & Cyber Security Services

AGB Investigative Services, Inc., the nation’s largest black-owned security firm, offers expertise in all aspects of security, including physical and cyber. Founded in 2001 in the basement of Dr. Denitra and John Griffin’s home, the firm is focused on protecting “your people, property, and data.” Today, AGB combines state-of-the-art technology with physical security and education, employing 800+ full- and part-time security professionals who provide armed and unarmed security services, cybersecurity, private investigations, and expert-level training. The firm’s growth was enhanced exponentially when, Dr. Denitra Griffin (Ed.D.), helped the company expand its offerings. A former Chicago Public Schools program manager, Dr. Griffin was able to develop the firm’s management and training systems, steering the company into providing more corporate services.

According to Inc. 5000 & Crain’s, AGB is one of the fastest-growing businesses in the nation with rapid growth over the last 4 years. This multi-million-dollar firm isn’t just in the business of safety, they are also securing the futures of communities, through its two 501c3’s, The Always Giving Back Foundation & The AGB Institute. The Foundation is focused on improving the lives of Chicago’s minority youth through internships scholarships and financial programming, while the AGB Institute is focused on workforce development and life-skill training for Chicago’s security workforce through clear paths of promotion.

Join us in celebrating the women that aren’t only keeping Chicago safe, but that are also providing opportunities for minorities in depressed communities throughout the Chicagoland area and the country. Check our social media pages throughout the month of March to receive insights into the women leaders of AGB, as we’ll be highlighting their journies through the field of security and business.

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