Giving Back

giving back

The Always Giving Back Foundation is the charitable arm of AGB Investigative Services. AGB stands for Always Giving Back. Our business has created hundreds of professional opportunities for adults, particularly in underserved areas of Chicago.

In 2012, the AGB Foundation was estabilsihed to serve high school students and young adults. It is dedicated to PREPARING the next generation of our work force by:

INSPIRING minority youth
The Foundation’s summer internships provide exposure to successful business owners, so that young people can envision being an employer or an executive in a board room one day.

RECRUITING young leaders
The internships and targeted workshops provide students with real-world experience in entrepreneurship and business management.

REWARDING motivated students
The Foundation awards thousands of dollars in  college scholarships every year, removing barriers to educational access for deserving students.

ASSISTING families in need
Every year, deserving families are adopted by the Foundation and receive gifts and food to sustain them through a hardship or a volatile time in their life.

giving back

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