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How Physical Security Best Practices Can Be Applied to Cybersecurity

Computer and network security is a complex issue for resource-constrained organizations. Businesses that would never leave a window or door unlocked can still be extremely vulnerable to a swarm of information security threats, from ransomware and malware to distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.   As AGB Founder and CEO John Griffin Jr. writes in [...]


How To Stay Ahead of A Financial Institution Cyber Security Threat

It wasn’t too long ago that financial institutions relied heavily on physical security service to keep thieves at bay. From armed guards to impenetrable vaults, banks were incredibly knowledgeable on how to keep their physical assets secure. However, thieves no longer need to physically break into financial institutions to steal. They can simply break [...]


How to Protect Against An Industrial Systems Cyber Security Threat

When a Russian ransomware group, DarkSide, shut down Colonial Pipeline operations in May 2021, it was the largest cyber security attack against the nation’s critical infrastructure in history. The menacing threat that compelled the company to pay a $5 million ransom is the same one nearly all manufacturers face—the interconnectedness of the internet if unsecured [...]


AGB Investigative Services Named to Crain’s Chicago Business Fast 50

CHICAGO, June 17, 2021― For over a decade, Crain’s Fast 50 feature has highlighted companies headquartered in Chicago that have achieved impressive revenue gains in a variety of industries from technology to healthcare. As leaders in their respective areas, each company was ranked by percentage of revenue growth from 2015 through 2020. For three years, [...]


AGB Investigative Services Opens Cyber Security Center on Chicago’s South Side

The largest Black-owned security company in the nation celebrates the grand opening of their Cyber Security Center in efforts to bridge the digital divide for underrepresented minorities within technology MARQUETTE PARK, Il. (May 14, 2021) –AGB Investigative Services (“AGB”) will open its Cyber Security Center, a two-story building featuring cutting-edge cybersecurity technology located at 2445 [...]


COVID-19 and Multifamily Housing: Your Security Service Plan

Security services have a crucial role to play in keeping multifamily properties safe from the continuing risk of COVID-19. The deadly coronavirus represents an unseen apartment security threat against which security officers must protect residents and themselves. COVID-19 still poses an especially high housing security risk in dense urban areas. As of March 2021, apartment [...]

Integrated Physical Security Pays Off for Multifamily Properties

Rental management companies must bolster apartment security with effective integrated physical security service. Video and security guard surveillance systems and patrolling security guards at a multifamily property increase the effectiveness of physical barriers at deterring and detecting intruders. The best way to protect tenants is to leverage a professional integrated physical security strategy -- a [...]

3 Keys To Rethinking Apartment Security: Responding to COVID-19 and Civil Unrest

Social distancing, economic hardship and civil unrest create opportunities for crime. While 2020 marked a year of peril, it also forced apartment management companies to re-evaluate the future of their security service. Property managers now must consider how to address new apartment security threats, from apartment vacancies and property crime to the return of [...]

How Security Services Help Property Managers Keep Tenants Safe

Like never before, building tenants and property managers are seeking security services as they face security threats that demand new safety measures. The COVID-19 pandemic, the protests, and unrest following the killing of George Floyd, and the summertime wave of looting that caught Chicago off guard have created a new reality. Domestic disruption is a [...]

AGB Trains Guards for Any Security Threat | Even Civil Unrest

Illinois’ largest community policing provider trains private guards to respond to unstable situations. Officers used their training to manage civil unrest following George Floyd’s death Civil unrest is not something all private security companies are trained to handle. Sadly, though, the events after George Floyd’s death on May 25, 2020, were predictable. Citizens would show [...]

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