AGB’s curriculum goes beyond the requirements outlined in state law. AGB’s Security Training provides additional in-depth instruction that you won’t find at other firms. Our classes are taught by NRA-trained instructors. Our trainers include former law enforcement officers, with experience at the federal level.

The customized AGB Training Academy is driven by the demands of the climate and our clients. Over the course of 14 weeks, our security professionals will be trained in the following areas: Tactical Self Defense, Customer Service, Time Management, Report Writing, Critical Thinking, Conflict Resolution, Leadership & Influence, Firearm Training, Interview Etiquette, CPR/AED, and much more.

Our extensive training programs are a key contributor to our high retention rates for AGB assuring that we remain consistently below industry norms in employee turnovers.

If you’d like more information on The AGB Academy, contact us today at 773.445.4300 or email [email protected]