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Welcome to AGB Investigative Services, Inc. We offer expertise in all aspects of security service, including armed and unarmed security guards and cyber security. AGB is an award-winning integrated security company that meets the rigorous International Organization for Standardization (IOS) 9001 quality management standards for security services. The security professionals at AGB not only provide security – our security team is truly driven to protect your people, property, and data. Contact us today to learn more about how our security experience can benefit your organization.

AGB recognized as a security firm within the Crain's Fast 50
AGB Investigative honored as a security company within the Inc 5000
Chicago United Award For Security Guards
Chicago United Award For Security Agency
AGB recognized as a security entrepreneur of the year finalist
Forbes Business Council Cyber Security AGB Investigative CEO
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AGB provides protection with the on-site security service team you need with the ease and efficiency you deserve. Because every security client has their own unique requirements, we offer a variety of security officers, patrolling and systems to ensure you always have the comprehensive protection you need to continually protect your people and property. As a security solutions provider we can assist you with determining what security resources are required to protect your company, whether they be onsite or remote security services. And, our officers are graduates of our security guard training program, allowing us to ensure we only staff the very best trained guards for your organization.

In additional to onsite physical security, AGB also offers premier security solutions and can provide security system design or staff remote security personnel to monitor your people or property.

We provide security services for a wide variety of businesses including Fortune 100 brands, financial institutions government facilities, commercial real estate and more. Learn more about our world-class security offerings today, or contact sales service for a complimentary quote.

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Employee using live scan fingerprinting service

We provide more than an award-winning security service. AGB offers fingerprints for the many professions outside of the security industry that require background checks for their employees including healthcare, government and law enforcement. Our well trained technicians provide Live Scan fingerprinting and Black Ink Rollover fingerprints. As part of our extensive security services mobile live scan fingerprinting systems can be delivered directly to your location at your request. Call now or earn more about how AGB’s security service experts can assist you with fingerprinting today.

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Employee using live scan fingerprinting service
Cyber security and IT protection for company


In addition to physical security services, AGB Cyber Security offers world-class cyber security services, and workforce training and development to bridge the diversity gap for minority employees in the high-tech security sector. AGB Cyber Security specializes in Security Information and Event Monitoring through our Security Operations Center. We offer expert IT Security Consulting for organizations assessing cyber security threats from the ground up, as well as IT Support and offering leading-edge security technology for Digital Security auditing, compliance, recovery and management.

Our cyber security service, In combination with our security guard services, allows us to provide provide reliable protection for your people, property and data. Let us show you how our cyber security team can protect your company today.

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As the nation’s leading security staffing professional, AGB’s workplace safety and professional security classes teach your team and employees how to quickly recognize security risks and respond to security breaches while on the job. By developing active, educated employees and planning security assessments you can quickly develop the necessary skills to guard against threats and respond appropriately and effectively to workplace violence incidents. Expanding security services begins with educating your internal staff, which we will teach components of our unarmed security training curriculum. AGB is comprised of security staffing professionals, and we can assist your team with building a secure and protected organization today.

Learn more now about how our security services offerings can equip your team to quickly respond in the event of a threat. Reach us by phone, or by chat today.

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“AGB’s security services have been nothing short of professional, timely and reliable to work with. Their security offers protection and help deter and eliminate security issues with potential criminal activity.”

Jesus Carmona
Operations Manager, Solano-De-Carrier Management for McDonald’s

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A Cut Above other security GUARD SERVICES… CHICAGO security experts who give back

The Always Giving Back Foundation is the charitable and philanthropic arm of AGB Investigative. Our security company, AGB, was crafted intentionally to stand for Always Giving Back. While cyber security and security guard service are our craft, bridging the diversity gap for minorities is our ministry. This is why our mission has always been to provide business and security training and create hundreds of professional opportunities for adults, both within and beyond the security industry, and particularly within the most underserved areas of Chicago.

Learn more now about how we view our security services as the catalyst to expanding our ministry.

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