Digital and Information Security

IT security is critical to the survival of businesses, organizations, and governments. Improperly implemented IT systems can lead to unintended data loss and threaten the very existence of your firm or organization. Securing confidential information about your customers, finances and innovations is critical, as breaches in security can lead to lost business, legal actions, lawsuits or even bankruptcy. Protecting confidential information is an ethical business requirement, and in many cases, also a legal one.

AGB Global IT Solutions (a division of AGB Investigative Services) takes IT security very seriously, and can be your strategic partner to provide best-in-industry IT security services. Information Security means protecting your information systems from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, perusal, inspection, recording or destruction.


Information Security Services

Network Security
AGB offers specialized services in network design, operations, management, and security to both small and large businesses and organizations. We work closely with you to thoroughly understand the relationship between your company’s objectives and your employees, and the hardware and software you all use everyday. We optimize this relationship to deliver secure, effective, and cost efficient results.

Our network security services include:

  • Intrusion detection and network penetration testing
  • IT security auditing and compliance
  • IT security risk assessment
  • Computer and internet fraud detection
  • Server/application hardening
  • IT security best practices implementation and compliance

Employee Monitoring
AGB provides computer diagnostic services for the full employee cycle, from hiring to termination or willful exit. Our unique consulting bundle includes both preventative and post-incident advisory services. We help you develop and implement strong policies that will:

  • Deter lawsuits
  • Prevent email and internet abuse
  • Provide employee education and training about Information Security (INFOSEC)
  • Prevent all varieties of employee fraud
  • Increase awareness of work environment privacy issues